Persona, at its origin, was the ancient Latin word for the masks dawned by theater actors to embody their character. The word elucidates the beauty & excitement of fashion–– that clothing provides a layer of emotion & personification that we shroud ourselves within. 

pluto returns, released 2/22/22, explores the intersection of American counter-culture & workwear. Cotton items are naturally dyed in hues inspired by southern California, while vintage workwear & denim pieces are augmented by handpainting, spraypainting, bleaching, & garment dyeing.  

Persona's apparel is unisex & intended to be worn by those of all gender identities & expressions. Sizing is 0-5, with 0 being the smallest size & 5 being the largest.

10% of 2022 profits will be donated to the "Post Modern" Scholarship Fund, an organization working towards equity in the fashion industry.